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Hey, glad to have you, here!

We are Martin and Lars, two friends, who founded the Kapitän Ohlsen natural cosmetics line in 2016.
It started with products for personal use/friends and quickly became a company with a steadily growing crew. People like you!
We enjoy every day that our actions both provide people with the best cosmetic products,
work for a healthy environment and provide for our living.

We thank you for making this possible!

Lars vom Team Kapitän Ohlsens auf hoher See - Segeln im Klettershirt


My passion is the sea and seafaring. With a spray of saltwater in the face and a stiff breeze against, my heart begins to laugh. If I had to describe myself in just a few words, then adventurous dreamer would probably be the most fitting.

As a water sports enthusiast, I am directly confronted with the pollution of our oceans, which is why we avoid plastic and unnecessary outer packaging as much as possible.

New product development and finance/accounting fall under my resort.


I enjoy every day and every movement in the vertical and am on the road since the beginning of 2018 with my Bounty (mobile overnight vehicle). I am not a strong climber, rather I am about experiencing nature and the joy of movement in the wall.

Almost daily on the rock and constantly in the great outdoors, I do not compromise on the issue of sustainability. For me, natural cosmetics are without alternative.

Since I am a bit more extroverted than Lars ;), I am responsible for sales and marketing.

Martin vom Team Flossen-Fett beim Bouldern im Klettershirt