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Kapitän Ohlsens Bartpflege Set I Nachhaltige Kosmetik

Beard Care for adventurers!

Kapitän Ohlsens Beard Oil, Beard Pomade, Moustache Wax and Beard Soap were created for all the bearded sea dogs, salty dogs, salt humps and adventurers out there.
Whether one of the high waves in the Atlantic is drenching your beard with salt water, a stiff breeze is swirling your facial hair, or the blazing sun at the equator is scorching your moustache...

...Captain Ohlsen's Beard Care Products maintain your beard hair, keep it in shape and moisturize your facial skin.


Kapitän Ohlsen's Beard care products make your beard smoother and give it a subtle shine.

Our Beard Oil softens your beard and gives it a subtle but indescribably attractive scent.
Without care, your skin under the beard becomes dry, itchy or flaky. Beard oil provides moisture, which relaxes the skin and helps to prevent itching.

Our Beard Pomade keeps the beard in shape by the contained beeswax and provides nurture with the high-quality shea and cocoa butter for additional intensive care.

Our Moustache Wax is the product of choice if you want to twirl and shape your moustache. Beeswax and lanolin provide an extra strong hold here.


Our Beard Care Products are made from 100% natural raw materials, like all our cosmetic products.

Sometimes, less is more!
Our natural cosmetics consist of selected and simple, very high quality and effective raw materials.
Beeswax, vegetable oils and fats. For the fragrance we use essential oils, extracted from plants. Healthy beard hair does not need anything more.

100% natural ingredients!


One thing in advance. Be careful when washing your beard. Use a mild shampoo, better a specialiced beard soap. It is also not necessary to wash your beard with soap, every day. This will dry out your beard hair and the skin underneath a lot, in the long run.

After washing in the morning, depending on the length of your beard, put a few drops of Beard Oil in your palms, rub it in and massage it gently with your fingers into the beard hair and the underlying skin.
If you want to bring more grip and style in your beard, take up about a pea-sized amount of Beard Pomade with your thumbnail, rub this again between your hands and stroke this into your beard. Afterwards, it can be combed into shape and you start the day well-groomed and beautiful.

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Kapitän Ohlsens Bartpflege Set I Nachhaltige Kosmetik
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