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Kapitän Ohlsens Nachhaltige Kosmetik I Bartpflege I Handpflege
Kapitän Ohlsens feste Handcreme I Handpflege
Kapitän Ohlsens Nachhaltige Kosmetik I Bartpflege I Handpflege
Kapitän Ohlsens feste Handcreme I Handpflege


Kapitän Ohlsen's natural cosmetics is the ultimate care line for all adventurers!
Developed for your special needs when you are once again exposed to the elements of nature.
Whether the rough rock of the Dolomites grinds your hands or one of the highest waves in the Atlantic Ocean soaks your beard with salt water...

...Kapitän Ohlsen has the right care product for every adventure!

Kapitän Ohlsens Nachhaltige Kosmetik I Bartpflege I Handpflege


Our products come without unnecessary outer packaging. Furthermore, we avoid plastic and produce in Germany to keep the transport routes as short as possible.


Our products are natural cosmetics. Therefore, they consist of 100% natural raw materials. We do not use petroleum raffinates or other artificial ingredients. Nature offers everything we need for outstanding care products.


Our products are handmade in Germany. Thus, we guarantee the highest quality, added value in the region and short transport routes.

pure and nourishing formulas

Our cosmetics contain only the highest quality ingredients, which provide the highest level of care.
Nothing here is diluted with water or stretched with petroleum refinates.

Our beard pomade for example consists of

  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax
  • Jojoba oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • lanolin
  • essential oils (for the scent)

Kapitän Ohlsens Bart Pomade
Kapitän Ohlsens vegane Kosmetik

cruelty free

At Kapitän Ohlsen, no animal testing is carried out at any stage of product development!

In the EU, fortunately, animal testing on the final cosmetic product has been banned for years. Since 2013, also the sale of cosmetics whose ingredients have been tested on animals outside the EU. This is a success, which animal protection associations have won in decades of fighting and campaigning.

Attention, as there is still a serious gap in EU law. The bans only apply to ingredients that are only used for cosmetic purposes. However, many cosmetics manufacturers also use chemical substances that are used, for example, in cleaning agents, wall paints or even medicines. In these areas, unfortunately, the legal regulations still require testing of the substances in animal experiments before they are approved for marketing.

Natural cosmetics are without any alternative.


Inclusion means that everyone naturally belongs into our society. No matter what you look like, what language you speak or whether you have a disability. Inclusion also means participation in working life.

That's why we decided to have our products labeled at noris-inklusion, a workshop for people with disabilities. We are very happy to have found such a great partner in our production chain.

Kapitän Ohlsens nachhaltige Kosmetik I Inklusion
Kapitän Ohlsens feste Handcreme I Handpflege
Kapitän Ohlsens Bartpflege Set