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Kapitän Ohlsens Bartpflege Set I Nachhaltige Kosmetik


We started our company because today most products are made in a way we don't agree with. Maximizing profits at any cost, usually at the expense of the environment and employees is a common pattern, that we are breaking.

We are committed to keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. We check every step we take, from production and distribution to marketing and packaging, for sustainability and social compatibility.

  • We deliberately do not use outer packaging (cardboard boxes/plastic packaging) for individual products in order to conserve resources
  • Our products are not tested on animals
  • Kapitän Ohlsen's natural cosmetics consist of 100% natural raw materials
  • We manufacture in Germany and avoid unnecessary transport routes

Please remember to recycle the empty cans, because aluminum is a valuable raw material, which can be recycled with little energy.

We also offer a refill pack without a can, e.g. for our Flossen-Fett.


Petroleum raffinates, microplastics, emollients, parabens, "fragrances", diethanolamines, palm oil,...

Many a list of ingredients of brand cosmetics of well-known traditional companies reads like an experimental set-up from a chemistry class. They contain substances that are meaningless to the layman, but have a hormonal effect (parabens), cause allergies (fragrances), are carcinogenic (diethanolamines) or are simply a crime against the environment (palm oil/microplastics).

Our approach:

There is another way! Cosmetics also work sustainably, naturally. Our products consist of few and simple, high-quality and effective raw materials. Bee or vegetable wax, vegetable oils and fats. For the fragrance, selected essential oils, that are extracted from plants. Healthy skin and hair does not need more. 100% natural ingredients!

Kapitän Ohlsens natürliche feste Handcreme I Vegane Kosmetik
Kapitän Ohlsens handgemachte feste Handcreme I Kletterhandcreme


Our natural cosmetics are handmade in Germany. This works, at fair wages and is reflected in the quality of our products.

No mass production and honestly good - BAM!