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Kapitän Ohlsens handgemachte feste Handcreme I Kletterhandcreme

Natural Skin Care from climbers for climbers...

...and everyone else, because everyones hands deserve the best care!

Kapitän Ohlsens Flossen-Fett is the ultimate hand care product, made from 100% natural raw materials.
It cares for highly stressed, dry skin and keeps it supple. We do not use any unnecessary additives,
only raw materials which have proven to be valuable for our skin.

Born out of our love for the rocks

As rock enthusiasts with our own cosmetic brand, it was only a matter of time before we were launching our own care product for our hands, which are battered from climbing.

The result was our Flossen-Fett and the vegan variant Vlossen-Vett. These meet our requirements as adventurers in terms of compactness and transportability (off into the pocket with it), enormous yield, 100% natural ingredients and of course, the perfect care of our natural tortured skin.

Martin, Team Flossen-Fett bouldert mit veganer Handcreme
Kapitän Ohlsens feste Handcreme I Hautpflegmittel in der Hängematte
Kapitän Ohlsens plastikfreie Kosmetik I Bouldergirl in der Hängematte
Kapitän Ohlsens feste Handcreme I natürliche Hautpflege in der Anwendung

What is Flossen-Fett, exactly?

Kapitän Ohlsen's Flossen-Fett is a skin care product based on beeswax (vegan variant sunflower wax) with shea butter, avocado and almond oil.

To use, remove the wax puck from the tin and rub between the palms of the hands. It can also be applied locally to particularly dry, brittle areas of skin, as the knuckles or nail beds.

Kapitän Ohlsen's Flossen-Fett is quickly absorbed, smells spicy fresh with a distinctive citrus note.

The wax puck lasts several weeks to months even with daily use. Only a little of it is needed for care, making this very fertile.